Sepang : It has been a norm for an athlete to keep energetic while fasting in Ramadan. The holy month of Ramadan is not an excuse for a professional football player to give the best performance on the field.

Danial Hadri, the defence of TRW Kelantan FC said, a player must be energetic at all situations including fasting month. The team needs to put efforts in training sessions during Ramadan.

Danial Hadri is Rezal Zambery's main choice to fill the right-back.
Danial Hadri is Rezal Zambery’s main choice to fill the right-back.

“Absolutely, training while fasting is a challenge for us. However, it is not a burden and we still need to give a full commitment on the job. As a muslim, fasting is a neseccary hence we need to managed ourself wisely in training” he said.

As a professional football player, Danial also considered his diet during Ramadan. Having a proper portion of food will provide enough energy for a whole day.

“As usual, I would take a portion preferred by our nutritionist during sahur to enhance our energy on training. Then, I would take food that is easy to digest to break the fast as suggested by the team nutritionist. It is important to consume good food to stay energetic and bring a good performance during matchday,” said Danial.

Danial is determined to help Kelantan FC advance to the Super League next season.
Danial is determined to help Kelantan FC advance to the Super League next season.

“ I need to control my eagerness to eat unhealthy food and to avoid overeating. It is important to ensure my body has a healthy appetite,” he added.

For the upcoming match against Kuching City FC, the team had a good preparation before departing to Sarawak. It is a big mission to stay on the top of the league.

“We need to struggle as we play away games in Sarawak. Our mindset is to ensure we may grab the three points in our bag and secure the title of the leading team in Malaysia Premier League,” said Danial.

“I hope my team will do better than before and always focus on the upcoming match. We need to keep the winning momentum until the end of the league. Gomo Kelate Gomo!” he added.