KOTA BHARU: TRW Kelantan FC midfielder, Dzulfahmi Hadi is not bothered with offers from ofher team that wanted to use his expertise for next season.

Fahmi is committed to stay loyal to serve for The Red Warriors in 2022 season.

He wanted more minutes of play besides wanted more space and chane for him to improve his performance to become a better player in the upcoming season.

“I am comfortable with TRW Kelantan FC under guidance of Rezal Zambery Yahya and touched with the support from the fans that always motivates me to rise in the next match,” Fahmi explained.

“After wandering for quite some time at Sime Darby FV, Felcra FC, Negeri Sembilan and Kuala Lumpur FA, it’s time for me to serve my state of origin for the second time in 2022”

Dzulfahmi clearly is full of spirit to perform with TRW Kelantan FX with the outstanding spirit from the fans that welcome him in The Red Warriors squad.