The match that was held last night between Selangor II FC against Kelantan FC ended in favour of the home team that capitalized the advantage of playing at their home turf.

Kelantan FC was stunned with early goal by Selangor II FC in the start of the game which affected the spirit of Kelantan FC player.

“Tonight’s match is not in our luck and not in our favour, all the plannings during the training sessions was not utilized in full by my players,” Marco said.

The first goal was by Harith Haiqal in the 6th minute, after successfully converted a shot past Farizal Harun. The second goal by Selangor II FC was due to Kelantan FC’s goalkeeper mistake of leaving the goal to contest for ball with the opposing team striker until the opponent made a pass and scored a goal by header from player wearing the no. 9 jersey, Fazrul Faheiz in the 39th minute. The third goal was due to penalty successfully converted by George Attram after the ball that was kicked by opposing team hit Mario Arques’ hand in the penalty box.

“I admitted that all three goals are due to my players mistake and I feel that tonight is not the true performance of my players and I will keep on improving all weaknesses for the upcoming matches” he explained.

Consolidation goal was via penalty kick converted by Jack Hindle but it is not enough. However, after the scoreboard changes to 3-1, Kelantan FC players are high in spirit & keep on attacking to look for 2 goals to capitalise the position however mistakes by Kelantan FC of not seizing the opportunities available in front of the opposition goal broke the coaching staffs hope of The Red Warriors (TRW) to come back home with 1 point.

“I was hoping to seized 6 full points in these last 2 matches before the league break, but I need to move forward from the defeat tonight and try to snatch 3 points against Perak II FC in Ipoh,” Marco stated.

Ragini states that the simple mistakes had punished Kelantan FC with three goals by the home team in the first half.

“Were left 0-3 behind has made it difficult for us to rise in the second half of the match.”

“In addition, the home team had shown a defensive play which made it difficult for Kelantan FC to look for goals,” he said.

Kelantan FC Head Coach, Marco will study the match tonight and look at the mistakes of my players and will improve it as soon as possible to obtain 3 important points in Ipoh, Perak, this 7th of May.

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