KOTA BHARU (6/3/2021): I am very sad because the result of this match should be a draw ”said Kelantan FC Head Coach, Marco Ragini after his team lost 0-1 to Perak II in the inaugural Premier League match at the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium, Kota Bharu, yesterday.

The 53 -year -old operator said that the frustration was compounded when his players failed to complete the opportunity to score a goal, at the meeting.

“Perak II played well in the first 15 minutes but only after that can we play football (more organized).

“Of course we didn’t have a good finishing touch, I applied it in training sessions seven times but today we made a lot of mistakes,” he said in a post-match press conference.

Kelantan FC failed to score a victory in the first action after losing 0-1 through the winning goal scored by Perak II substitute, Muhammad Hakimi Mat Isa, in the 49th minute.

According to Ragini, the result of the match may have changed if the imported striker, Jack Hindle, did not waste the opportunity by completing a penalty kick, in the 52nd minute.

“For me, we have played well, the team has also shown the spirit to fight and give (commitment) 100 percent but sometimes it is not enough at one time.

“We were unlucky to concede the goal, we did not score a penalty but from a positive angle I know this club has a good character,” he said.

At the same time, the coach from San Marino remains optimistic that the team will be able to improve their performance from one game to the next.

“This is the first match, every match is very difficult because we can’t anticipate the ability of other teams.

“We need two to three more games to make this team stronger and and I am confident for the next game, we will play better than today,” he added.

Clearly, he will use the simplest means of delivery to ensure his men understand the requirements of the coaching staff to work professionally.

“You can imagine the new coaching staff, new staff and new players, it will be difficult but I am sure in a short time they will understand better.

“Every day I will try to show the simplest things and we will return to the basics to improve the performance of this club,” he said.